Peralta Park Playground Renovation

Dedication - Playground - Oakland Past and Future - Tile Installation

Park Dedication

The park dedication took place on May 5, 2000 accompanied by the Lincoln School's very own authentic Chinese Orchestra. With the participation of 90 students from the Lincoln Elementary School and the MLK Jr. Elementary School, the long concrete bench that looked to be a Caltrans traffic barrier was transformed into a colorful expression of Oakland's past and future.

Here, Oakland Unified School District's Superintendent Dennis Chaconas introduces the tile project's artists, Susan Leibovitz Steinman and Andree Singer Thompson.

The renovation of Peralta Park, a small playground in the shadow of the Kaiser Convention Center in downtown Oakland, was funded through the Measure I Playgrounds Renovation bonds. In response to our calls for participating in the tile project, Ms. Marcia Hawkins' and Mr. Derek MacLeod's 5th grade class at Lincoln Elementary School, and Ms. Lynly Kendricks' 3rd grade class at MLK Jr. Elementary School, created the whimsical tiles depicting Oakland's past and future.

Ms. Kendrick and her 3rd graders from MLK Jr. Elementary School.

The fifth graders from Lincoln Elementary School take their place on the bench for a group photo.

There is a lot of climbing and challenges on this equipment.

The kids get a big kick out of getting dizzy on the spinners.

 Dedication - Playground - Oakland Past and Future - Tile Installation


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