From: Amirzehni, Gus
Sent: Tuesday, December 06, 2005 5:39 PM
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Subject: RE: Sanitary Sewer Overflows AGAIN at Chimes Creek

Dear Ms. Azuma,

Thank you for informing us of the recent sewer overflow at 6120 Oakdale.

The City's Sanitary Sewer Maintenance Section has field crews ready 24/7 to respond to drainage emergencies including sewer overflows.  When contacted, they will respond immediately and help identify and correct the problem, contain any sewer spillage and perform the necessary cleanup.  Unfortunately, they were unaware of the incident referenced in you email.  Their phone number is 615-5566 and this number takes calls around the clock 24/7.  Please keep this number as a reference and report all drainage related problems to this number directly and help the City better respond to sewer emergencies.  We have alerted Maintenance Section staff of the incident, and you should be hearing back from them shortly, if not already.

The incident reported in your email is caused by storm events and is a typical symptom of aging, leaky sewer pipes, which allow rainwater to infiltrate the system.  Abating the wet weather overflow events in the Chimes Creek basin has been a priority project for the City, and I am happy to report that Public Works has a long-term plan to rehabilitate the aging sewer pipes in this area.  To that end, we presently have three projects in the works:

One project will start construction next month and will rehabilitate sewer pipes in between Delmont and Oakdale behind the 6100 block of Oakdale.  The second project will be in construction in April/May 2006 and will rehabilitate sewer pipes in Delmont from Oakdale to Hillmont.  And third, we have a project for the rehabilitation of sewers along the creek.  We held a community meeting about this project in February 2005 and will contact you and other interested parties soon to provide an update.  This project will also begin in April/May 2006.  All of these projects are in the tributary area of the reported problem area and will help improve the sewer pipe conditions in this area and thus eliminate wet-weather overflows.

Thank you again for your interest. If you have further questions about the upcoming projects, please feel free to contact me.  If you have further questions or concerns about immediate flooding, overflows, any sewer/storm drain problems or street related problems, please call our 24 hour Call Center at 615-5566.

Gus Amirzehni, PE
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